Hamvention 2022 Update

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Hamvention 2022 Update


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Many Hamvention volunteers attended the recent Hamcation weekend in Orlando, FL. They were heartened to see so many of friends at the show!  The aisles were full of people, the vendors appeared pleased with the brisk business, and the Hamvention booth was bombarded with well-wishers and folks with one question on their mind:  “Are you going to have Hamvention this year?”

General Chairman Rick Allnutt,  WS8G, said it was a pleasure to assure everyone that Hamvention 2022 is a go.  “Absolutely, we will be having Hamvention” echoed from the booth all weekend.  Many Hamvention tickets were sold at the pre-show price, also available right now on the Hamvention.org website.

Allnutt added that recently, Michael Kalter, W8CI, and he were interviewed on a DX Engineering YouTube ( https://youtu.be/vTDZqVgPLgE) and unveiled the official logo for Hamvention 2022.  This year’s theme is Reunion – to celebrate getting a world of hams together after missing two Hamventions and to commemorate the history of the Dayton Hamvention stretching back to 1952.


The Logo represents amateur radio operators from around the globe getting together at Hamvention for a Grand Reunion at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

So, if anyone in your club asks, or if the subject comes up on air, Allnutt said, please let everyone know that from May 20 to 22, WE WILL HAVE HAMVENTION!


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