HRWB081-Software Defined Radio Receivers

Software Defined Radios of all Types
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HRWB081-Software Defined Radio Receivers


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Gerald Wilson KK5FO stops by to talk about the state of Software Defined Radio Hardware and Software in 2019.  This show was intended to cover hardware and software applications, but the hardware segment went long. We will cover SDR software in an upcoming episode. PERMALINK - Our Website - Follow us on Twitter - Contact us for feedback and ideas - Connect with us on Facebook - BrandMeister Talkgroup 31075 - Save $100 on the Digilent Analog Discovery 2 Package by using code “HamRadioWorkbench2019” in your cart prior to checkout - Cale K4CDN’s  Fundraiser - Raspberry Pi 4 - Raspberry PI 4 USB C - Etus Research X300 SDR -   QNAP SFP to Thunderbolt Adapter - Improving Windows 10 for USB Data - DPC Latency Guide - SIXFAB LTE Modems for Raspberry Pi - Dell SDR laptop - Pimoroni Square Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi - Adafruit Touchscreens for Pi - Super Het vs Direct Conversion Receivers - RTL Broadcast SDR Filters (Scroll Down) - miniVNA Tiny - Mini Circuits RF Filters - Leo Bodnar Mini GPSDO - RTL-SDR KerberosSDR - LimeSDR - HackRF - RTL-SDR Blog - AirSpy SDRs - AirSpy SDR Shop in the US - SDRPlay - Ettus b200 Mini SDR -

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