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I was reading the news online, and heard on a Talk Radio newsie, about a 1999 cold case murder of a newborn infant that was apparently tossed out the window, and Died from the injuries. A passerby found the infant, and called the police.
The Police named the Boy Michael, after the Patron Saint of Police officers, And was given a cemetery burial ..

After all these years, the case was solved by submitting the DNA to one of those Genealogy/DNA companies. You Know, The type of company you pay, and voluntarily submit your DNA to, to track your family history.

No mention of if a warrant was obtained for the Database search.
I am wondering where the expectation of privacy comes in, Since the info was obtained by using the DNA of a paid client. Or Is it all smoke and mirrors in an attempt by Gubmint to DNA fingerprint everybody, and "You" The client pays for it?

This makes at least twice that I have heard of a crime being solved in this way.
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