Playin with my "Tool"....

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Playin with my "Tool"....


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Been working on a little project, but my eyes are a detriment.....

Bought a Garmin puck off E-Bay for about a 3rd of what it would normally run. The Catch?
It was an open box with an unusual power connector, BUT I figured "For that Price, I would come up with something"....

Started gathering the "Necessary Parts"...
Grabbed a 5.1 volt wall wart for under $5 shipped...
a box of assorted grommets.
a nice tiny plastic case, And just to play it safe, A really cheap bulk pack of 5.1v zener diodes (5 watt)
and a small set of 5 amber 5v Led lights..

Thought I was going to mess up the puck when I tried to strip the wires. there wasnt much length to play with,,
I had to cut the shrink wrap a little bit to expose it. When I did, it exposed wires going to uhe serial connector. Had to use some tape to reinforce it a bit so the serial connector wires wouldnt be compromised,,,,

got the power wires strippedn but the pair still need to be seperated to connect them properly. I will probably have to use a "Dentist Pick to get between the 2 wires so they can be hooked up....

got the LED mounting & feed holes drilled, and the 2 sets of wire ends (1 for the puck, and one for the Wal wart) along with the Amber LED..

To keep from putting strain on the 2 tiny Puck Power leeds, I used a small zip tie to help keep them from getting yanked too hard. After it's all wired up, I will probably break out the hot melt glue gun...

went to test the Zeners , and come to find out that either they sent 4.7 volt Zener Diode, or they were really bad out of Spec.... (So It's back to E-Bay....)

Found an old ECG Zener for $4, so I grabbed it.. probably arrive by monday..
grabbed a 100uf 50v cap out of my "Parts on hand" for a little extra filtering. The wall wart is only rated for a half amp, so I wouldnt think that there would be much strain if any on a 5.1volt 5 watt Zener.
probably dont even need it, but threw it into the mix as an extra precaution....(China parts after all)

Finally broke down and got a Weller Iron, Since Radio Shack went Kaput.....
I miss being able to see well enough si I can Tinker like I used to back in my 11m Daze, BUT it is a lot easier to Homebrew when you can improvise compared to trying to duplicate a "Factory Assembled" gadget.
The next best thing when you can no longer find Bacon in grocery stores

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