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My Theory on Islam


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"As early as 200 BCE, envoys from Java to the Han-dynasty court of China brought cloves that were customarily held in the mouth to perfume the breath during audiences with the emperor."*

Cloves were recently discovered to have been known to be used as early as 600A.D. In South Asia.
I submit that they have been used much earlier than that, Maybe as early as 6A.D. or even earlier.

I Fixed a frozen Cloved spiral Ham for Thanksgiving. A Few hours after eating, I came down with a case of hot burning greasy shits.

Just Suppose that Muhammad was served a cloved Ham, And as a result, Had a similar experience, Which lead to the Banning of Pork....

*Encyclopedia Britannica online
If you can read this,
You probably didn't go to school in Delaware

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