E-Bay protection practically Worthless.

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E-Bay protection practically Worthless.


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Looks like i got ripped off by a Hong Kong E-Bay seller. It was a low dollar Item, so I am not out much, BUT E-Bay Protection was worthless.

https://www.ebay.com/sch/shan2392/m.htm ... pg=&_from=

Been waiting forever to receive test lead probe ends to finish making new probes for my meter. I ordered them from 2 different sellers, figuring I would use whoever's package came first, and have the 2nd set as a spare.

Neither one arrived. I received a refund from one seller in China, and got screwed by the other seller in Hong Kong...

I have now ordered them from a 3rd seller which should be in the Mail Today or Monday, even though it was for more of the probes than I wanted (5 sets vs 2 )

Seems to be becoming a problem, Items not showing after waiting 90 days on Delivery, then needing to re order from a different seller. I've had it happen a few times with some brass hardware (screws/nuts)

I'm starting to think I should just say Fuck E-Bay, and just order direct from AliExpress
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